Polly pet photoshoot, Guisborough

My pet photography is a particular part of the business I enjoy and have a passion about. Animals of any kinda that is, we have worked with everything from a horse to a guinea pig. For those of you who know me I have a strong passion for Wildlife photography and actually have sponsorship, although my other work has been taking preference at the moment.

So to work and spend time with Polly was the biggest privilege, She is 14 and has a whole host of health issues, Abi her own actually arrived at the studio carrying her as she was too tired to work from the car. Two of her of her issues caused a little difficulty as she was blind and deaf, which meant to get her to command was very hard. She was such a loving and affectionate dog, her love for people was second to none and that showed, she preferred to get a fuss from me rather than sitting on the background.

I did managed to fire those important shots and capture her in perfectly, much to Abi’s liking. She was such a cute and adorable creature I could of worked with her all day.