waiting to be welcomed to the world. She never complained about walking to get to the main locations we go to, and got some fantastic shots along the way.

Well, she obviously knew our work those the course, so she booked us with one of our Christmas packages.

She arrived from Whitby to our studio on Guisborough with changes of clothes and the family. I finally got to meet Neil her husband and their other child Zak.

Now Zak was a fun one he was fin until the camera was lifted and pointed towards him… then the hands throw up over the face with a “NO!”. Hmmm a difficult situation, a client expects the usually quality of imagery but to create it with a model that isn’t cooperating is difficult!

The trick is to find what make the child tick, find what makes him laugh and do something that for decades a man has been trying to do – multi task!

While making him laugh you need to snap the camera awhile making sure everyone else is looking and posing correctly……..