This morning’s studio shoot started early, well for us anyway, we open at 10:00am and very rarely take a shoot before 11:00am. This enables us to have the regulatory cup of coffee and get the studio warmed up.

This morning however was different, the client had a prior engagement further up north at 12, so the early start was justified.

Les and Sharon had one of our gift certificates bought for them for Christmas, always a worth while pressy in anyone’s eyes. They had never had professional photographs done so it was as they said a “once in a lifetime” experience.

Announcing they had just reached the 32 years of marriage a couple of days previous, it had double meaning to have a couple portrait to be hung on their wall. Les works in Poole and is away from Sharon quite a bit, his job been worth while as a training instructor for the RNLI. Working well with ourselves has we support our local RNLI ( redcar).

Whilst in front of the camera, both seemed really natural and loving, something that doesn’t always come through with people who aren’t in front of the camera a lot. Nerves always prevails. After 32 years to see the love as strong in both eyes it was heart warming. The images show that.