Sometimes journeys just have to be done and this time of year travelling can be a nightmare. With the oncoming threat of snow from the weather guys, A threat that hasn’t up until today been too much of an issue. I say until today! This morning saw a rather long and chaotic journey from Brotton to GuisboroughIMG_2872[1] firstly to collect the kit needed for the job.

This journey usually takes, at worse, 20 minutes – today took nearly an hour. Then there was the journey to Whitby, well Birkbrow closed gave a diversion round Lingdale and back to the coast road.

Finally a couple of hours later I arrived at the workshop of Mark Asplin Whiteley to “clock in” before both Mark, the workshop manager, and myself headed out in separate cars to a secret location somewhere within the Esk valley to capture some images of there craftsmanship.

The location was beautiful with rolling panoramic views, albeit a little snowy. The furniture and kitchen in question exceeded all my expectations. the detail of the workmanship was out of this world, with each and every joint perfect to touch and to look at. Work I come to expect from such a prestige company.

These details needed capturing in natural light as you don’t want to add controlled light from a flash head, this may alter the colour and tone of the wood. Something you don’t want to do.

Heading home my thoughts turned back to the detail of the furniture, I myself take pride in the details however sometimes these details aren’t always mine to control, leaving the photography a little short of my own expectations – Something I cant always come to terms with. I’m not saying the detail on a persons face or bride and groom. I’m saying those small insignificant details I look for in an image, the texture of hair, but that one hair going a different direction, no matter how many times you brush it. The Flowers on a table at a wedding that don’t quite sit right. To everyone else the image looks beautiful, but to me the details count and I’ve spent hours trying to amend things in photoshop to make that image perfect time I don’t get paid for. Not sure if that makes me a bad person or a frustrating person but that’s just me 🙂