Commercail fashion photograqphy guisborough north yorkshire

It’s always a positive picking up a client from another photographer that’s let someone down. Cherie rang the studio at 3:00 today asking if we could do a urgent shoot for a series of christmas dresses for her website, been one to always take on work, her and her two models where at our studio ready to shoot by 6:30 . We had worked for the previous owner of kiwi boutique, Sally but Cherie was unaware we had done such work. After discussing the finer points of how beautiful the dresses looked we took a series of images ready to be edited and rushed to the website ready for the purchases, as Christmas is just around the corner it’s an ideal time to be pushing the product but the pressure is on to have them edited and sorted asap.

This time of year usually means presents for people so our blogs are difficult to produce and share without that special person getting to know what they are getting off the family for Christmas, however in this case it’s ideal to share and  giving kiwi some promotions to…
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