I’ve know Chris kinda all my life and motorcycling has always been in his life. Even from our childhood I rember Chris dislotacing his finger, shoulder anything that would to be honest.

So it was only a matter of time before he started road racing, and now he has us to sponsor him. Been all over the place from the Manx to Oliver mount in Scarbrough he races and is doing well. Talk of Suski sponsorship next season and race coverage on Eurosport…. so hopefully we can get a few more stickers on his bike get some nice exposure 🙂

Who would have thought that early September sleet would freeze the back of your head! yeah thats right while i was trying to take these images of Chris near danby Beacon i was been hit by sleet, Chris was of course tooked up nicely in his helmet and leathers…

To follwo chris check him out on Facebook – Chris Smith Racing

We’ll see what next season can bring…. GET WELL SOON CHRIS ( Hes cracked his ribs, elbow and anything that will crack!)