Elliotts Gran rang our studio one busy afternoon to book us to take some pictures of granddaughter. She arrived with mum, Dad and Gran. Not forgetting three teddy bears one of which is called charlie the other Harlow and for the life of me can’t remember the last one. They featured a lot in the shoot. Elliott was quite nervous and between Kirsty and myself we managed to grab those precious few smiley ones. With several changes she looked like a little princess even without the smile.

Her dad, Mat, explained he had a phone full of grumpy shot and very few smiley ones, even though she smiled every time the camera was taken away from her. In this case is good to simply attempt to capture a natural face rather than forcing her to smile, most children wont respond to the smile command, it all about getting there mind way from an ugly man holding a camera and to start to have fun. It was nice to have her family around me making her smile and laugh with bubbles, teddy’s and general being silly. This has got to be one of the only times adults can act like compete clowns and get away with it.

Really enjoyed the shoot and the images show that.