Sarah’s daughter Erica had been to one of her friend parties at our studio, she enjoyed it so much she asked her mum if she could have one too.

Which is exactly what happened, Erica along with Ameila ( whose party was also with us see Ameila’s blog) and several other children, came to our studio, the doors where closed and the fun commenced. It always take the kids a little time to settle into their stride, but once that happens your ear drums don’t know what has hit them.

Working through a kind of set poses, something we have come to realise that it works better with, as if you dont chaos with thrive and the shoot becomes to unorganized to handle.

It also makes sense as it makes sure ever child gets a an equal share of the studio time meaning they all get an equal amount of images.

As usual every child enjoyed them selves, My thoughts went to Sarah having all the girls overnight for a sleep over, the two hours was enough for us!