Well what can we say about this one? Blossom is a cheeky little thing belonging to Sarah and Rachel, two sisters who are fast becoming our most popular clients, this I believe is the third shoot we have done for them now, but the first with Blossom.

Armed with bags full of treats they turned up much to Wilf and Luie’s delight thinking they had a new play mate to pester, We closed the door so they could get out and started shooting. It’s always hard to take images of pets, especially if they are as daft and livingly as Blossom is. If she wasn’t on her back trying to play nibble you she was chasing a treat around the background. But we are patient photographers and really enjoy working with dogs.

So after Blossom laid down on my back while I was laid on my stomach trying to take the pictures, and after she had nibbled Kirsty’s hands to bits we did manage to grab those precious few images. We find the patients aspect is something that sits very special with our clients, both with pets and children, it been something that gets mentioned to us very regularly. But after all its our passion to get the images right for the client.

Sarah will be back for another shoot very soon with her little one amber, who seems to be coming along very fast, much to Jace’s enjoyment J