I have known Sarah and Cashel for quite some years, now. Cashel in particular, has he was in my year at Huntliff secondary school in saltburn. We have done a numerous amount of shoots for them from sexy shoots for Cashels Valentines day to family shoot with their kids.

We have so for them to book us to cover their wedding , we took it as an absolute honor and privilege. We knew it perhaps wasn’t going to be a very conventional wedding by any means especially when Cashel had specifically grown a beard for the occasion. Its nice to cover different styles of weddings, it challenges your mind and forces you to be creative in every situation.

Even when you know Cashel had a Christmas thong on underneath his kilt, it still didn’t put us off trying to create that show stopping wedding photography that we love to create.

Cahel and Sarah on Saltburn Pier

wedding Saltburn Pier

It was a strange wedding in the sense that we where actually guests once we had finished, not something we usual are accustomed too.

The weather albeit a little dull was still warm and pleasant , it must have been difficult for Sarah dressed in her lovely dress. That aside I didn’t take any mercy on her or the bridesmaids when  I asked them to walk into the woodland for some pictures. – to much abuse.

We wish them the very best for the future and would like to thank them both for such a wonderful day.