Been dog lovers and owners we seem to attract quite a few pet portraits and yesterday was no different. Sian had booked us off our new website, which gave a great deal of relief for me as I was unsure about it working with different browsers.

Sian and her partner had just taken a Staffy cross from S.A.R.A in Redcar. Now the Staffy breed has some really bad press. We have Staffy Cross ourselves Luie and he’s as fluffy and daft as they come.

So to see Caesar who had much more staff in him in our studio bounding around was great, he was a very boisterous dog, but as daft as any other breed. So much so was Sian shot him with her fingers he rolled over and played dead!!!… He also kept a treat balanced on his nose till he had the command to take it.

I think you can tell by the picture he really was a delight to have in the studio and to add to our collect of pet portraits. Heres just hoping the Sian’s partner doesn’t see this blog as the pictures where for his Christmas present!