Sally turned up at our studio one morning asking if we did bump photography, and as we do she booked us! But I can’t end the blog there?


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Sally wanted the shoot very simple and the focus to be more on her bump, which after all that is the important bit.Working with low light we did some really nice classically arty shots, and got exactly what she wanted. One thing that came up with this shoot, one always listen to your client, after all as the traditional saying “ the customer is always right” states ….. erm ……the customer IS always right.  We try to do this with every client that comes to us, after all its your shoot so we need to try to capture it the way you want. You wouldn’t employ a decorator to decorate your front room in bright pink (Unless you wanted that of course) but you would provide a colour scheme.  Similarly we are providing a service to you as the client so you should discuss with us how you would like to the shoot to go, that’s not to say we wouldn’t put suggestions forward. But i could have easily wrapped Sally in bright pink feather bowers, but she wouldn’t have bought the image and probably wouldn’t come back for another shoot…… that would be forgiven in that case… FEATHER BAOWERS!! Not my style at all.