Baby photography

Baby Photography

I love working with children and families, and working with Paula, Pete and river was no exception. I never set a time limit on a shoot because you never know whats going to happen. River was such a beautiful smiley baby, but as soon as the camera came into play those smiles went and we even had tears. Baby photography can be hard at times.

With children i think it wrong to push them, so because I don’t put a time limit on shoots then there is no rush and no pressure on them to “perform”. Being a father myself i know what its like to have my children put into a bad mood and I have to put up with it until bedtime. So I try not to do to my clients children. After all the experience of been at my studio should be relaxed, informal and comfortable otherwise it will show in the images I capture. I manged to snap some really natural ones of river and after a while she did start to come around to having the camera there, however by this time she was tired.

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