Chelsee is one of our Facebook friend, she enquired about a shoot what seems to be ages ago, but in fact is was only last month. When she turned up on Saturday for her shoot both Danny (her partner), Chelsee and Donovan their son looked amazing, they had put alot of effort into making sure they where ready to have the moment captured and treasured. Even down to knowing what sizes they wanted before the shoot. Which made me think, they obviously had a lot of confidence in our work to know exactly what they wanted before we had evening pressed the shutter.

Just as a I thought it was almost like they had been practicing, they were very natural in front of the camera, even Donovan gave the odd smile.

baby Portraits - Donovan

baby Portraits – Donovan

They only had three images in mind, an A1 and two A3’s all of which would be pride of place on their wall in their home.

They are now edited and on their way to the labs as you read this blog.