It all came out in the third meeting… I went to junior school with livvy. That shows our age to be honest. But i always feel honored to cover a civil partnership especially when its an old school friend. It just took three meeting for us to realise!

These must have been ranked in our top 10 for fun and laughter considering they hated their photos taken they certainly played up whilst we covered the partnership the other day.

Ann and Livvys civil partnershipat rushpool hall saltburn

Rushpool Hall Wedding

We noticed between the two rooms before the wedding how each settled their nerves, where Livvy was messing around with her daughter having a laugh, There was more of a calm feel to Anns room where she was sat with her sisters just enjoying a drink!

It must have also been one if not the smallest and most intimate civil ceremony we had attended, with only hand ful of guests for us to boss around we soon had the set images finished with no one making a bee line for the bar either.

The Staff and atmosphere at Rushpool Hall, Saltburn was fantastic and really made the difference to the day for the guys as well as our photography, we couldn’t have asked for more.

I’m sure the girls enjoyed the rest of the day after we left and danced the night away.