Gisborough Hall is one of the most beautiful wedding locations we get to work from, and its only just round the corner from our studio. Especially with the weather like it was on Sunday, I believe it ht 30 degrees. which with a full black uniform perhaps isn’t the best choice. The discussions between us of perhaps having a white summer uniform was a good idea.

Nadia had very specific idea in mind for her wedding photography, we managed to manage to capture the whole wedding working a full 7 hour plus extra to make sure we got every detail, every moment captured.

It was a hard day for Kirsty been 37 weeks pregnant but she managed working between her and Ryan her brother who we have been training up just for this part of the season. He work as hard as we did capturing some stunning shot, but of course he did have a good tutor 😉 ( the image below is one of Ryans)

It was lovely to work with both ladies from the registrars office, they gave a a fresh sense that some registrars do understand our predicament when trying to capture a wedding without flash and not been able to move. They agreed it should be the Bride and Groom who choose what and how the images are taken as they are paying a lot of money for their wedding.

This was one of the biggest wedding we had photographed as there was 120 guests all of which adhered to exactly what we wanted when it came to the images, none run away to the bar and we managed to snap all the family shots without too much problem, well apart from one little boy who seemed to love the fact he had been “let off the lead” and decided he would crawl and fast as he could in the opposite direct out of the frame of picture and away from his dad!

All in all it was a very relaxed and friendly wedding with beautiful weather what else could you want?


Andrew and Nadia wedding at gisborough hall

Gisborough Hall Wedding