Well, its seems almost inevitable that Amber and Sarah will be back fro yet another shoot. We have seen Amber grow up covering here birthday shoots, Christmas shoots and christening.

Amber is one of the smilest cutest kids we work with, Sarah always sees us right with cakes, or treats.. not good for our waistline if i’m honest.

But this time Amber’s wasn’t going to play ball at all, no smiles and we could have done with some sticky glue to hold her feet to the studio background.

So I ask a question, what do you do when a child wont play ball, smile or even sit still?….. well first rule I work to, is to always have your camera in hand and to your eye if possible, you never know when that one moment will arise giving to capture that all important smile.

The second is to ask mum to be involved especially at the beginning of the shoot. I did this with Sarah while I had the camera glued to my eye and guess what? We took around 20 images all of which produced stunning images of mother and daughter, of which Sarah was over the moon with.