Just finished photographing our first wedding near Hull, Matt’s and Anna’s.

Hull Christening Photography

The Christening

This weddings was certainly one we will remember……
The couple got in contact with us all the way from Australia asking us to photograph there wedding day which was to take place in the UK where they are both originally from. But this was to be no ordinary wedding day as they were also getting there daughter Holly, christened just before the wedding……. But that wasn’t the only unusual twist to this wedding.
Matt and Anna hadn’t told anybody in the UK they were getting married. The unsuspecting friends and family thought that the christening was the only special event they were attending……Matthew and Anna had planned the whole wedding from Australia while keeping it a completely secret from everyone in the UK

bright and early with the sun in the sky Saturday morning we set off for the wedding with a twist.

All Saints Church Hull, Wedding Photography

The Suprise Wedding

Three hours later we arrived and at 11:45am it all started, stu in the church capturing the christening and kirsty hiding( sunbathing on the grass) outside the church waiting of the bride to be to sneak out of the church to get changed into her wedding dress.

At about 12:30 the last hymn “all things bright and beautiful” started. that was The brides Time to escape the church with her bridesmaids in tow ( girls which didn’t actually know they were bridesmaids at this point)
We all snuck over to the house where she told her children, bridesmaids and two friends that she was getting married right now and showed them the dressed it was all a rush, they only had the time of a hymn to get changed and back over to the church. kirsty got a few snaps of the brides prep and emotions.

In the mean time back at the church the hymn had ended and the vicar finally told the congregation the big surprise that Matthew and Anna we getting married this even included the very surprised parents of the groom. Stu had stayed at he church to capture every moment and every surprised face.

Bride and Daughter

Bride and Daughter

At 12:45pm the beautiful bride walked down the church isle with stu and kirsty capturing every detail and the once only I do’s , you could see the strong love between the couple as they exchanged fairy tale loving glances throughout the wedding vows and signing of the register. Once the ceremony was over we captures a few quick family images at the All Saints church and of course the tradition wedding confetti shot before following the wedding car to the wedding reception venue.
At the reception we only had a couple of hours before it was our time to leave so we dived straight into the traditional photographs the bride and groom had asked for. For us as wedding photographers this is the most stressful part of the day, as most wedding guests much rather be at the bar or sat a table chatting and having a drink, this wedding was no different as quick as kirsty rounded guests up for the photographs we lost another guest the other way to the bar or toilet. after a lot of determination a loud shout a drinks break and a very helpful lady guest, we eventually got the list completely before we had to say out good byes. One completely list means we had a very happy newly wed couple which is just what we like.

Wedding Photography

Bride and Groom


So finally would just like to say

Congratulations to the lovely bride and groom Anna and Matthew,

we wish you all best in your married

Life together
Team Discovery