Seems like all we are doing at the moment is weddings and associated things, Alan and Lucys wedding is in October so to have their pre-wedding shoot now is perfect, and after Lucy contacted us through Facebook it was arranged.

Now alan isnt the shyest of people hes up for a laugh and i beleive their wedding at Rushpool Hall, will have most of the guests on Space Hoopers! So both him and Lucy where natural in front of the camera and took it all in their stride, even their kids where brilliant, even with the back chat!

We can’t wait to cover their wedding chances are it will be a blast! Pre-wedding shoot are a good way to get our clients in fron tof the camera, get them to know how we work and generally have a laugh, but it does give the client chance to express any concerns or ask any last min question. Afterall all our client have my moibile number and i’m contactable all the time, which i beleive is when i found out about the space hoppers, shopping in Morrisions!!!!