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I’ve known Alex and Taylor ages as I used to live next to them and well I used to babysit Taylor when he was only small, but we lost contact when I moved and as you can see he has grown up a lot since then but a few years had gone by.

When I lived close to Alex she didn’t like her photo taken at all mainly due to her size but in a year she has lost an incredible amount and looks great, so she asked if I could do a photo shoot for her and Taylor for a Christmas present for her parents.

When Alex turned up I didn’t recognise her and had to take a second glance at this slim very womanly lady with her nails and hair all done very nice.  Now this wasn’t the Alex I knew who being a door bouncer used to tied her hair back quick and didn’t bother with girly things at all.

So after a catch up of the years we had not been in contact and a hug we got them both center stage and started shooting. Alex was so nervous and uncomfortable as she had never done anything like this before but we got chatting and she calmed down with the help of Taylor.


I soon found out that even though Alex looked extremely different on the outside she was still the silly funny Alex I always knew and she found out I had got older but hadn’t got any more mature. we talked and laughed just like we used to. I must say I had missed her very much.