Jill and I went to secondary school together many year ago!

Jill and I went to secondary school together many years ago!   Jill has been previously for a shoot when our studio was based in Rigwood House, Saltburn. But it’s been a couple of years since and we have occasionally chatted on Facebook but it seems she has had a lot going on.

With the addition of Kyle her new born son and now living in Guisborough, it was great to see her again.

Baby photo shoots are great generally but when they are with such a new born small baby its great – especially from a photographer’s aspect; they don’t really move that much, giving you chance to really focus on the images you are taking. Kyle was no different and was asleep for most of the session.

Its also nice to have a mix of the family as well as just the baby  images with these sorts of shoots, I think it nice to involve mum and dad as much as possible J