We first met Simon at a wedding fair in Sunderland. Simon impressed us with a couple of trick then and there and we were hooked! – Especially when he asked if we did commercial photography or advertising photography.

So when Simon did come to us for a new website and commercial shoot we jumped at the chance. We travelled up to Newcastle to meet Simon at his apartment just off the Riverside.

The shoot he wanted was a little bit on the riverside perhaps chatting and showing his psychological magic to them. I have never seen the riverside so quite but we did finally catch a couple of people sitting on a bench.

There we watched Simon amaze them with a couple with his magic and after getting the lady to sign  couple of coins and place them in her hand, he then continued to amaze them by bending one of the coins without touching it…..

We went back to his apartment to capture some set up, general shots ready for use on his website.

Thoroughly enjoyed the day and both Kirsty and myself continue to be captured….