bubble boy


Family photo shoots are often easier, when you know your client incredibly well know what they like and want, so when my Dad asked me to take some school like photos of my little brother Jack I didn’t hesitate in getting him down to the studio. Now leaving me and Jack in a studio with a camera, lights and lots of props could have been hazardous and the shoot certainly wasn’t going to come to an end once we captured his school photos. So as Dad requested we did the normal boring school photos in his uniform which we did extremely fast. Then I told Jack to get changed into some normal clothes ready to have some fun. Now me and my 8 year old little brother Jack are both totally bonkers very creative and a bit daft but when you get us together the madness just increases.  For a photo shoot, this madness can go either way ether disastrously wrong making the images somewhat messy and over the top or work really well with some fantastic results so there was only one way to find out which way our photos would be so …… we both let our personalities and creativity flow and let the madness begin.

We filled with studio with balloons, bubbles, Christmas decorations, little army men and well pretty much any thing we could get our hands on, and used these props to create different photos ideas were bouncing around like a bouncy ball on a trampoline and we spent hours snapping away. Once we had done everything we could in the studio we ventured out to the park over the road and carried on over there with the full park and all nature had to offer as our props our imaginations just kept going.

I had loads of fun doing this shoot its nice to sometimes just have fun and play around getting images rather than doing the normal white background, Smile, Flash, there you go shoot.

Once we eventually both ran out of poses, ideas and time we sat down in the studio with my Dad and My Nanna who had turned up while we were out and browsed through the images all two hundred of them. The images were surprising they were fun filled, creative and looked fantastic.