Jimmy Hayes Geneva instruments shoot 2015

Commercial blogs aren’t something we get chance to do very often, not because we don’t get the jobs, but the images we take tend to have a need to be protected to safe guard the release of a product or a business. The Oldroyd Cardinal Cornet was one of those things which we could produce a blog once it was made public from the company, in the case Geneva Instruments.

This assignment came our way through the Fab Designer, Jo Behan, of Encore design  who in fact designed our logo many moons ago, I’ve know Jo for a good ten years, it funny how people come back into your life and what that brings.

Jimmy been one of the many photogenic faces of Geneva instruments, who we have worked with before creating his album photography, modeled the Cornet in a very swarve way.

Difficulty I had here was reflection its hard not to get my ugly mug in the reflection of the Cornet or the background, taking from a slight angle got me out of the way.

Check out Geneva Instruments website for more information and images.

Oldroyd Cardinal cornet geneva instrumentsimage7 image6 image5 image4 image3 image2 image1
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