Monthly: December 2009


Old school Friends

Its funny how photography has been used as a media to reconnect with old friends, first it was Cashel now Jill. Facebook has a lot to answer for too, Jill

Sam & family

Another family shoot and yet another cool family to work with. This time it was with Sam, a model I have just started working with. She brought her children and

Cheryl and families

Its been a while since I had my studio in Whitby, but occasionally I still doe shoots for clients over there. Especially around the Christmas time. Today saw Cheryl and

Jill & Kids!

Another client I have worked with recently is Jill and her family, she is a friend of Sue’s (Be All You Can). Her and her family where another client I

Cashel & Cashel

I have know Cashel since senior school and through Facebook got back in touch. He asked if I could arrange a shoot with his son who was also called Cashel.

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